What Makes Australia Great?

Straya, the Great Southern Land, a sunburned country, Down Under, Land of Oz, call it what ever you like, our land of plenty has a unique culture & lifestyle. Our aim is to show the rest of the world what makes Australia great.

Around Australia in Seven Days

Join us on our journey as we travel around Australia, visiting one state every day, every week.

States of Australia with hashtags and days

The best way of joining us is by following Australia Great on the networks listed on the Contact page or you can visit the Live Now! page for a view of whats happening.

Join Our Community

If you think Australia is beaut then you can participate in the Community on GooglePlus.  We have an active community over there with around 4 and half thousand members!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think makes Australia GREAT.

* The title “Australia GREAT” is an homage to an old advertising campaign promoting South Australia, “SA GREAT”.